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Wayne the Wizard
Madison, WI
(608) 274-9411


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Wayne the Wizard Biography
Wayne the Wizard got the magic bug somewhere around eight years old when he saw his first magician in a church basement!
He learned ventriloquism at the age of thirteen from a mail order course!

He thanks his mom and dad for all the encouragement in his early efforts.

For letting him put on magic shows up in his room for relatives!
Since those early days Wayne the Wizard has performed all over Wisconsin and surrounding states. He performs for everything from small birthday parties right up to county fairs!
One of his longest running engagements was performing fourteen years at Shakeys Pizza Parlor in Madison, Wisconsin! He performed three shows every Friday and Saturday night.
Wayne the Wizard’s show consists of amazing magic, ventriloquism and audience participation! He puts a lot of energy and fun into his family and corporate shows!

His shows are catered to all ages and occasions! No audience is to big or small!
Wayne the Wizard also performs strolling magic and balloon sculpturing.
Wayne thanks his family and friends for all their loving support!

Especially his wife Linda who’s supported his dream to be a full time magician! He would have never been able pursue a full time magic career without her!
Wayne the Wizard has been performing magic and ventriloquism for over 45+ years!

He truly loves performing and making everyones day a little brighter!

Wayne’s a member of a number of magician’s organizations including the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin - Shield), Society of American Magicians (Silver Tier) and the Houdini Club of Wisconsin.
He’s currently Vice President/Secretary of the Ben Bergor Ring #31 Magic Club in Madison, Wisconsin which is a chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was awarded the 2015 Magician of the year!

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